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Our history

Prisma was founded in Genoa in 1989 by technicians and linguists coming from the most diverse backgrounds but united by long professional experience and the single objective of:

  • Developing a service organization capable of bringing industrial efficiency to activities such as editing, writing manuals and translation, by increasing productivity but, especially, by raising the quality of the work to meet international standards;

  • Developing and implementing strategies for the controlled and integrated management of documentation within a corporate environment.

In addition to conducting business with the most important Italian and foreign companies, Prisma is in the forefront both in terms of the technology employed as well as in the professionalism that firm's personnel demonstrate in the field.

Especially meaningful in terms of the assistance we provide to companies in achieving Quality Management System certification is the fact that we practice what we preach. Prisma has been certified under ISO 9000 Standards since 1995.

Quality is not optional

Prisma partners with its customers to identify their needs and discover ways in which their procedures can be optimized.

Our efforts to achieve quality are concentrated in two directions:

  • outwardly, towards our customers by continuously striving to provide service that is ever more punctual and efficient,
  • inwardly, towards our own personnel by improving their qualifications and reducing errors and rework, eliminating and preventing inefficiency and checking every phase of the processes that provide services to customers. The basic principle is that quality is everyone's job and achieving it requires the dedication and participation of all of company's personnel.

To achieve this goal, the corporate parent, Prisma Srl, has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Standard (CISQCERT certification dated 11/12/95, and extended on 24/07/03), that is expressed by the following principle directives:

  • complete understanding of the customer's documentation and contractual requirements;
  • the desire to establish a partnership relationship with the customer for the purpose of not only satisfying his requirements but also resolving together any mutual problems that may arise;
  • defining the responsibilities of each individual within the context of our internal structure;
  • defining our company's quality objectives;
  • organizing seminars and internal classes on the theme of quality to ensure that all personnel receive updated information regarding the quality objectives that have been established;
  • a preference for eliminating the source of the problem rather than continuing to go back and fix errors after the fact, tracking the missing element in the process rather than focusing on the individual error;
  • empowering each individual employee with regard to the quality of their own work and that of their co-workers;
  • taking advantage of our concrete, everyday experience with our productive processes to improve and update our Quality Management System and the documentation that is associated with it;
  • empowering the Quality Manager with the authority and freedom to fully implement the Quality Management System as described in the Quality Manual.

Prisma Srl is organized into four operating sections, each with its own manager:

  • Technical Writing: every facet involved in producing technical documentation (descriptions, specifications, technical reports, use, installation, maintenance and training manuals, drawings, graphics, etc.)
  • Technical and Scientific Publications: complete publishing services for catalogues, manuals, brochures, etc.
  • Translations: translation of technical, business and legal documentation, linguistic assistance for negotiations, training, conventions, etc.
  • Education: preparation and delivery of educational, training and requalification curricula, not to mention on-site language training for corporations, public and private agencies with full production of auxiliary material, audio-visuals and computer-based training provided as appropriate.

Each job entrusted to PRISMA is coordinated by the appropriate Project Manager whose role is to communicate directly with both the customer and corporate management.

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