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Technical and business translations

Our translation service is an essential partner in the preparation and management of the documentation that accompanies your orders through their lifecycle:

  In the preparation phase
    From the foreign language, we provide translations of conditions, specifications, regulations and standards, in short everything that you need to know to identify the features and requirements of the documentation that you will need to provide;  

  In the proposal phase
    Into the target foreign language, we provide corporate documentation, offers, technical proposals, feasibility studies, etc.;    

  In the delivery phase
    Into the foreign language, the entire body of documentation, assembly, use and maintenance manuals, operating manuals, catalogues, spare parts lists, plans, certifications, testing reports and software applications.

Quality in our Translations

Prisma has built a vast network of qualified internal and external partners who provide quality translation to and from the principal European and extra-European languages. We are experienced in every type of technical and/or business documentation, with special expertise in the following fields: data processing and application software, process automation, industrial systems, machine tools, shipyards, power generation, industrial compressors and turbines, auto, rail and commuter light rail transportation, contract language.

Prisma is also experienced in the localization of electronic documentation (software, Computer Based Training, on-line help, WEB
pages, HTML documents,  etc.), dedicated software interfaces and multimedia applications. 

We are focused on two objectives only: guaranteeing our customer the highest possible quality and the lowest possible cost. To this end, we test and evaluate every available method that could optimize the translation process, to the point of creating our own tools, when necessary, for computer assisted translation and the management of terminological databases.

Every Prisma customer is guaranteed consistency of style and terminology in their documentation over time, due to the careful attention we pay to creating style sheets, glossaries and long-term relationships with stable and dedicated groups of translators.

In addition, Prisma is able to match the tone of the translation to the customer's needs, handling it in the most appropriate way, with the common denominators of quality and cost efficiency, whether dealing with volumes of technical manuals or the most delicate and critical documentation.

In response to each request, the customer will receive a cost estimate designed to meet his needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

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